Top 10 Low Cost Home Security Tips on a Budget
Kevin Bertram

Kevin Bertram

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Top 10 Home Security Tips on a Budget

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Let’s face it: it's 2024 and money still doesn’t grow on trees, and even if it did, the tree is producing some pretty sour apples.

In times of financial uncertainty Physical Security is that much more important. Here are the Top 10 budget friendly ways to ensure your home is secure and your peace of mind is intact.

1. Lock your Door

Seems simple, but 85% of Break-In occur through an unsecured, first-floor window or door. Don’t forget your CAR DOORS!

2. Leave your porch lights ON

It goes against the green energy movement, but leaving your porch lights on all night is a great way to deter would-be troublemakers. Plus, LED bulbs are cheap, bright, and readily available.

3. Add Motion Lights

Most crime happens under the cover of darkness. Install motion lights around dark sides of your home to remind would-be intruders that you are always watching!

4. Security Cameras…even FAKE ones

Security Cameras around your property are a great way to keep an eye on all the action. Even fake cameras can give the impression that any criminal activity is being recorded, and hopefully, bad elements will move on to the next house.

5. Big Dogs…or Little Dogs

Really anything that makes noise will deter criminals. A bigger bark will help, but some of the most effective guard dogs are the little yippers that react to every bump in the night.

6. De-Clutter

Check around your property. Remove ladders, debris, large objects…anything that can be used to gain access to an upstairs window or provide a hiding place for an evil-doer.

7. Protect your Porch

Keep mail, newspapers, packages off of your porch whenever possible. Never give the impression that you are out of town. If going on vacation, be sure to arrange for a neighbor to pick up your packages even if you aren’t expecting anything…because we all know you forgot you ordered that.

8. Don’t answer your door after dark

Keep that porch light on, and unless you have a high-quality security screen door, don’t answer after dark. Utilize a doorbell camera to communicate with any late night visitors if possible.

9. Know your Neighbors

Looking out for each other is vital to the security of your neighborhood. Know who’s who and you’ll also be able to spot anyone who doesn’t belong.

10. Upgrade Hardware

Padlocks on gates, Window Locks, and even Door Bars are great, inexpensive deterrents that can protect vulnerable openings in your home

Here’s a few options:

The key for any home security is making your home look a little less appealing to the bad guys. A few simple changes can have a significant impact on the likelihood of your home becoming a target, and a HUGE impact on your peace of mind.

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