It’s getting Hot in Here...
Kevin Bertram

Kevin Bertram

With over 15 years of experience at Steve's Mobile Security Doors. Kevin is an expert at improving your home's efficiency, curb appeal, and comfort

It’s getting Hot in Here…

Home Tips

As summer approaches so does the emotional and financial battle of wills: is it time to turn on the Air Conditioning? With energy costs at an all-time high the days of stress-free home comfort are a thing of the past. One can almost hear the dollars seeping out of the bank account as soon as the cool breeze starts to flow from the vent.

While there are very few “Free” solutions to the age-old problem of climate control, there are some lower-cost options that can help.

Upgrade/Maintain your HVAC system

Obviously an expensive option, but worth it in the long run to have an efficient, well maintained system that will operate at peak performance.


South and West facing windows are often BLASTED by heat for a good portion of the day. Sunscreens mount on the outside of the home and trap up to 90% of the sun’s heat before it gets to the window glass. The heat stays out, and you stay comfortable.

Check them out here:

Whole House Fan

Morning Temperatures and Evening Temperatures are typically up to 30 degrees cooler than the rest of the day. You can bring all that cool air inside your home in minutes by utilizing a whole home fan. These incredible machines are mounted in the attic and can swap all the air in your home for fresh air in minutes!

Check them out here:

Personally, I have taken all 3 of the above steps and seen a significant decrease in my cooling bill. The Sunscreens have made my upstairs rooms bearable in the summer, we use the whole house fan every morning, and I have Security Doors that allow me to keep my doors open well into the night without inviting any unwanted guests into my home. Get comfortable this year without breaking the bank.

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