Lord of the Flies! | Prepare For Springtime Pests
Kevin Bertram

Kevin Bertram

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Lord of the Flies!

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Spring is here! And along with the fresh air, beautiful flowers, and green gardens come the bugs…flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and pests are all unwelcome guests that show up each year despite our best efforts and wishful thinking.

According to Cal OES News, due to recent rainfall, California is experiencing a higher than normal mosquito population boom that is sure to irritate anyone who sets a delicious, blood-filled foot outside this spring. Additionally, Ariana Bindman at SFGATE reports that “California is going to war with invasive flies and placing portions of the state under quarantine!" Translation: Get ready for an invasion!

Here are the top 5 ways to prep your home against flying pests, while ensuring your yard and garden can be enjoyed all throughout the year:

  1. Patch, Fix, Repair, or Replace old and damaged window screens and screen doors. Keep those bugs out! A quick, local Google search can help you find a local screen repair company.
  2. Invest in Outdoor bug zappers! Not only do they emit an intoxicating blue glow, they make a really satisfying “ZAP!” sound when an unwary insect makes contact. Caution: Bug zappers will attract and kill most types of flying insects: Flies, mosquitoes, moths, etc. so if you’re looking to keep your Moths around, skip this step.
  3. Plant naturally fly repellant plants such as Basil, Mint, and Lavender…eliminate flies and smell good doing it! See full list here.
  4. Eliminate Standing Water! Mosquitoes breed in ANY standing water. Be sure to empty buckets, eliminate gutter water, clean out bird baths…anywhere that collects water can be a breeding ground for the little bloodsuckers.
  5. Have FUN with it! There’s nothing more cathartic than killing bugs! Get yourself a zapping fly racket or even a “Salt Gun” and enjoy ridding your yard of these unwanted intruders! Check them out here: 

Whatever path you choose, remember, your yard is your domain: Don’t suffer unwanted intruders no matter how big or small.

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