Doggone-It! | Pet Proof Your Screen Door
Kevin Bertram

Kevin Bertram

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Doggone It!

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If I had a nickel for every time my dog ripped through my screen door I’d have at least a few nickels…add to that every time my kids have done the same and I could buy a candy bar, even in this economy.

Screen doors are notorious for ripping, falling off the track, and simply being a headache to homeowners.

According to Angi’s List, the average cost for screen repair can be as much as $200, but doing that each year can really add up!

Instead of spending time and money each year, here’s a few ideas to “beef up” that screen door to make it a bit more “Life Proof”:

  1. Consider a “pet proof” screen material. Screen manufacturers have come a long way in meeting the needs of their customers. High-strength, vinyl coated screen material can hold up to most pet abuse. Check it out here.
  2. If looks don’t matter, try a pet grill. They are a bit ugly and they do obstruct the view, but a simple pet grill can help protect your screen from claws and teeth. Grab one at any local hardware store.
  3. Replace the screen door with a heartier option: Most sliding screen doors are made of a cheap, rolled aluminum frame with plastic wheels and weak components. Consider upgrading to an Extruded Aluminum frame which will withstand much more abuse. There are also some great options out there for Full Security Screen Doors and even Pet Door options to ensure Fido can still easily exit to do his business. A local Google Search should help you find any of these options.

Some of these options may be an investment that initially costs more than a repair; however the headache, stress, annoyance and murderous thoughts towards our beloved, furry friends will soon be a thing of the past…and that is truly priceless.

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