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Are you in Northern California and considering installing a security screen door? Look no further than Steve's Mobile Security. We're your trusted partner in securing your home. As a fully licensed and insured company with over two decades of industry experience, we specialize in unique installation situations.

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Why Choose Steve's Mobile Security for Your Security Screen Door Installation

At Steve's Mobile Security, we offer our 20+ years of expertise to meet your every need. We've seen and handled it all, from low overhangs and custom door sizes to oversized doors and stucco pop-out cutbacks.

Never subcontracted: We never outsource, ensuring consistent quality for every installation.

We handle it all: Our expert installers manage the entire installation process, from start to finish.

Expertise in unique situations: Whether it's a low overhang, custom-sized door, or stucco pop-out cutbacks, we've got it covered.

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Security Screen Door FAQs

These are the the most common questions we receive about our security doors and windows

Do you need exact measurements?

All of our Security Doors and Window Screens are custom made to fit your home. We do ask for a picture of your existing door for an initial price quote, but we will always come out to finalize all measurements and order details in person.

Which screen provides the best privacy?

If privacy is a concern, we recommend choosing one of the lighter screen colors such as white, beige hammertone, or desert sand. These screen colors tend to obstruct the view from outside looking in, resulting in the best privacy. We do not recommend the Meshtec screen for privacy. Please be aware that nighttime privacy should not be expected with any screen material.

Can I get a custom design or color?

We do not currently offer any custom designs or custom color matching. Please see all available design and color options.

Can my pet damage the door?

All of our doors are designed as security screen doors. They are strong, durable, and hold up extremely well against pets. Dogs and cats will not rip the screen material. We do recommend putting something on the screen at eye level for larger dogs. The Mesh can be difficult to see, and some pets think the door is wide open and will run into the screen without slowing. The screen won’t break, but it can be dented with enough force.

Can I install the door myself?

Steve’s Mobile Security Doors is a full service company. We provide quality products and professional, experienced installation. Our Installation Technicians are company employees and are not subcontractors. We are a fully licensed and insured company with decades of installation experience. We do not typically sell our doors without installation.

I have weird trim on my house. Can a door still be installed?

With over 20 years’ experience we’ve seen just about everything. A common feature in new construction is stucco “popout” trim around the edge of the door which prevents installation of a security door. No problem. We can work with that! Send us a picture of your door and we will let you know exactly what we can to do to get a door installed for you!

Will you match my front door key to the security door?

Typically, we can match any Kwikset or Kwikset compatible key to your new security door lock. Schlage and Schlage compatible keys will require a locksmith service after the door is installed. We also offer keyless/keypad lock options for all swinging security doors.

The screen looks very clear. Is it glass?

Meshtec™ screen is designed to provide exceptional security while maintaining airflow and visibility. While it may look as clear as glass, it is actually a woven stainless steel (with black coating) screen.We do offer an optional Glass Panel Insert for our Design and Fullview Doors for year round use.

Can you put a doggy door in my screen?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any pet doors in any of our Security Screen Doors. If you’re looking for a Heavy Duty Screen Door (not Security) with a pet door, please visit our sister company for more options.

Are the window screens sunscreens?

While the window screens look very similar to sunscreens they are actually a much heavier, more durable screen material called Meshtec. They provide security, visibility, and airflow. They are not specifically designed to function as a sunscreen, but they do provide a 60% sunscreen effect by absorbing heat and keeping it off of the glass.If you are interested in Sunscreens without security, please visit our sister screen company.

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